Intel World Open Details Announced for Brazil and Dominican Republic Territorial Teams

Regional Qualifier Process Revealed for IWO

Territorial Selection Process

Today Intel and Capcom announced that Brazil and the Dominican Republic join the United States as one of the 12 territorial teams that will be competing in the Intel World Open featuring Street Fighter V.

The are two paths to create a team for the IWO. In the territorial selection process 12 territories are pre-selected to form teams. The territorial qualifiers will begin March and determine each territories four best players who will come together and form the official team of that territory. There will be no limit on the number of participants. Once the final national teams form, they advance to Poland in June for the semi-finals.

Territorial Qualifier Schedule

Dominican Republic4/44/255/16

Regional Qualifier Process

North America, South America and Central America are the first three regions announced for inclusion in the regional qualifier process.

Players outside of the 12 pre-selected territories can participate through the regional qualifier process that will take place between March and May.  Eight teams will advance to the semi-finals in Poland through the regional qualifier process.

Regional Qualifier Schedule

North America3/223/294/54/124/194/265/35/105/17
Central America4/54/265/17
South America3/294/124/265/105/17